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M&S Corrosion Control (Pty) Ltd specialises in industrial corrosion protection processes; which include, Coating Application, Abrasive Blasting, Shot Blasting & High Pressure Water Cleaning. M&S also specialise in sheeting removal, replacement, repair and installation from existing structures.

About Us

Established in 1981, M&S Corrosion Control have specialised in industrial corrosion control for the past 28 years. Over this period of time, efficient techniques and up to date technology have been developed and M&S Corrosion Control have purchased and applied them to the fields of industrial coatings and high pressure water cleaning. Our services and products are specific to the protection of steel against corrosive and chemical attack, using a variety of specialised coatings. At M&S Corrosion Control (Pty) Ltd Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality requirements are integral to the way we do business. Successfully managing SHEQ issues are an essential component of our business strategy. We will assist in protecting the environment as well as the overall well-being of our stakeholders, employees, clients, subcontractors, suppliers and communities to the best of our abilities. M&S Corrosion Control (Pty) Ltd is certified on ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 standard requirements.

In order to better meet client and industrial requirements, M&S Corrosion Control established four sister companies to not only better meet demographical demands and requirements, but also to enable core personnel the opportunity to become more involved in the planning and management of maintenance and project related work. The following companies have been established:

M&S Corrosion Sasolburg (Pty) Ltd - Mostly operational in Sasolburg and Secunda. Company is registered as an Asbestos Removal Contractor.
We are a level 2 BBBEE company.
Makhaya Corrosion Control (Pty) Ltd - Multi-faceted company with teams specialising in industrial coatings and corrosion protection methods as well as in sheeting removal and installation.
We are a level 2 BBBEE company.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a one-stop, tailor made service of the highest standard to existing and prospective clients. Through committed management and well motivated staff we can continue to be a progressive and innovative organization in the Industry. Our goal is to minimize impact to the environment and to prevent injuries, illnesses and harm to our employees, our clients, our communities, the environment and all others who could be affected by those activities.


* Encouraging staff participation at all times.

* Committing to process and product requirements.

* Committing to the development of recourses.

* Training our employees to be more effective in the job environment.


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